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The architecture of happiness and the perfect home, dissertation expansion

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I happened to come across a program entitled “The perfect home” on channel 4. Being a sucker for television that is home related i watched it, but was surprised by its intellectuality and also its relevance to my dissertation, bringing a whole new aspect to it.

alain de botton

It’s by Alain De Botton, as it basicalyy challenges the “pastiche” of current homes being build in a mock historical style, and why more contemporary style houses are not being built in this coutry. It surveys public opinion on why Modern buildings don’t fit in and challenges the idea that a contemporary style timber framed extension is not more true to a tudor timber framed house than a mock tudor style created from bricks and mortar

I have ordered the book that the program is based on entitled “The Architecture of Happiness” and will look into the progame further once i have to book to correspond to it. I will also go through some of the notes i made.

the architecture of happiness cover

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August 17, 2009 at 8:48 pm

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