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london trip 5.3.2010

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I decided to take a trip to London to find some inspiration from the hundreds of museums there. I started with a list of about 20 places I wanted to visit including the southbank centre the theatre museum and the Imax. However as it is London I only managed to get around 3 places however they gave me a lot of inspiration and really got the creative juices flowing again after hitting a bit of a brick wall with my enthusiasm and ideas for the project.

First was the design museum:

The use of lighting to highlight the emergency exit on the right. Also the use of creating an intimate viewing space for a specific piece of work.

The use of a box style enclosure for the installation to create a darker area than that of the main space to enhance the light of the installation.

the use of a rigging and spotlight effect creates an atmospheric lighting within the space which is at the appropriate levels. This is something i want to use within my scheme.

The projection from the projector pictured in the photograph above. This gives me an idea of how my projections would look and what the basic lighting needs to be in order to make the projections visable. It also gives me an idea of how far away the projector needs to be to make the image a certain size.

Another use of the boxing in of an installation to close in the lighting effect, and in this case fully display the lighting effects the installation provides.

small areas of the wall removed in specific shapes to create a link with the activities on the other side of the wall

Another partition this time with a translucent element to it.

Next I went to city hall, although all the pictures are from the outside as you are not allowed to take pictures inside. I was thinking about putting a ramp into my building in order to be able to watch projections while moving between floors, it may or may not be a possibility depending on the gradient of the ramp in comparison to the space i have. Unfortunately my camera is broken and these photos have not come out very well.

a photograph of the interior ramps from the exterior

the ramps at city hall that circle the building.

the ramps are the main feature of the exterior.

Last but not least I took a trip to the Tate Modern gallery, whilst not a museum it is a interesting building in itself and it is exhibiting a large installation piece at the moment concerning light and dark by Miroslaw Balka. This meant that the turbine hall had to be very dark which meant some inspiration  could be taken from the space, as well as from the other areas of the gallery.

Using escallators might be a possibility for my vertical access in my scheme, i also like the lighting effect used here.

the entrance to the installation piece in the main turbine hall.


the view from the end of installation.

The relationship between the stairs and the lowe floor is something I want to replicate within my space

the difference in the lighting between the two rooms is shown through these translucent walls, without making the space too light.

I think this trip has given me a lot of inspiration. I also bought the lastest copies of mark and frame at the design museum and reading through these on the train home has given me inspiration as well. I think the trip was more than worth while.

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March 8, 2010 at 11:10 pm

Some sketches of Nottingham

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Taking advantage of a nice day i decided to go out and do some sketching of Nottingham.. here are a few.

University of Nottingham Jubilee library

University of Nottingham Jubilee library

icon The ropewalk, Marsh grochowski

icon The ropewalk, Marsh grochowski

More to follow 🙂

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April 3, 2009 at 12:40 pm

Inspiration Boards

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Im very much a scrap booker and logger of things, so I love making collages. So I wanted to brighten up my study and wanted to make as creative environment as possible. So I made these…..


Anything that I like goes onto these boards, and It was a very good expereince seeing what i like summariesed with other peoples work. For example i realised i like really inventive things like thisbathroom-unit

I also like sleek contemporary design like this


As well as historic architectural features


And quirky environmental design with paticular earth ship style building


and very unique design, and this design is my favourite from both boards.



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March 3, 2009 at 12:41 am

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The Selfridges Building

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OK so our trip to Birmingham was a bit of a flop, it had some truly hideous architecture, and we went home earlier than expected, but the one good thing in Birmingham is the Selfridge’s building.




Not only is it amazing from the outside, with its space ship like appearance and scales formed with an aluminium disc render, but the interior is beautiful too.




The escalators criss cross to create interesting shapes, and the smooth white shiny finish contrasts with the black ceiling, with all the services left open to give in an industrial look. The lack of straight lines, gives everything an organic like quality which I love.

Overall, this small part of Birmingham is the highlight of our city trip. Its old and new together (as you can see in some of the pictures) and the landscaping of this area makes it definatly worth a visit, shame the Bullring itself is an average shopping centre style building.





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February 14, 2009 at 11:16 am

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