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Work trip to Oxford- dissertation photos

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I went back to my home town of Oxford for a trip with Marsh grochowski architects.  Here are some photos of buildings relevant to my dissertation.

oxfordoldnew This picture of the new Oxford Castle ‘unlocked’ gift shop. The ceiling is the wooden slats and the original wall is the stone work. The way the two contrasting materials seem not to touch shows a consideration for the preservation for the original stone, as well as creating a floating ceiling effect

oxfordoldnew (14)The view from the glass ceiling of the gidt shop to the main part of the castle. This is one of the most successful glass ceiling i’ve seen in the flesh, the look of delicacy to it from the uninterrupted glass is perfect to look up at the castle wall.

oxfordoldnew (13)

The exterior of the  gift shop as it attaches itself to the original wall. the glue in-between suggests no damage was made to the stonework.

oxfordoldnew (12)Another section of the glass roof in the gift shop as it meets the original wall. You can see that bits of the wall had to be taken out to insert the supporting glass, but the new stone has been matched as closely as possible to the existing, lime render was most probably.

oxfordoldnew (11)The front of the gift. It works well in the existing space between the two walls linking them together.

oxfordoldnew (10)The new building that houses the restaurants in the castle development attaches itself to the old through a point which looks like it was built for the specific purpose. It is comon for new additions to attach to the old via a small walkway, to create a link without being too obtrusive.

oxfordoldnew (9)

The glass ceiling doesnt interup the view of the old wall, although you can see some original stone is sacrificed to insert the supports into the wall

oxfordoldnew (7)A building next to the castle, here an older extensions inserts into a historic building, although in need of a clean, it is still aesthetically pleasing, although is is obviously trying to mimick certain aspects of the existing building to blend in.

oxfordoldnew (6)

oxfordoldnew (5)

Another glass ceiling, but this one less successful than the first. The big steels interupt the flow, and this one collects dirt and debris.

oxfordoldnew (1)

This is the inside of the new extension to the natural history and pitt rivers museum. I couldn’t get to see most of it as the new gallery isn’t open yet. Bit the idea of the new staircase fitting inside the existing rather than inserted through it gives it an uninterupted feel.  Shame about the big steel column though.

oxfordoldnew (3)

This is a picture of the outside of the pitt rivers/ natural history museum addition which is more of an insertion creating a join between the two buildings. This paticular example is very understated, simple but effective, in a practical but not nessessarily exciting way.

oxfordoldnew (4) Another view of the glas roof  from the 10th picture.

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August 12, 2009 at 9:09 pm

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  1. I realize Im late on the post, but this is an awesome exploration. Im an architecture student looking into the same type of connections and contrast between the historical and the contemporary. It is refreshing to find someone else who has a similar interest!


    October 8, 2011 at 2:33 am

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