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Photoshop rendering and pen drawing

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So I thought that I should put my drawing pens back to use and practice some perspective drawing and rendering as I haven’t done anything like that since my competition entry in October.  So I came up with a brief off the top of my head which was to create a more natural shopping centre experience.. so here is the original pen drawing.. I was going for a stylised roughness to some of the more organic shapes in it like the chairs and tables, which I think works quite well

shopping centre uncoloured

Now im experimenting with different ways of rendering it, and here is my first one

shopping centre render 1

There will be more to follow as I want to use different rendering techniques on the same drawing to compare them, I have found several rendering techniques I like, both hand drawn and done in photoshop, here are some of my favourites. Most of these examples are taken from final years on my course who are exhibiting their work at Nottingham Trent University and at free range.

rendering types

Written by carolinemariegriffin

June 4, 2009 at 1:48 pm

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